Does Technology Really Influence Everything?

Analyzing Marshall McLuhan’s Technological Determinism

Marshall McLuhan
  • McLuhan’s theory will be applicable in the future. Technology is forever changing. Technology determines the communication of society at that era. As he looked at how styles of communication shifted throughout history, from oral to print, and to electronics now.McLuhan’s theory can be applied to social media. Smartphones and social media shaped how society communicates now.
  • While other research in communication speakers about radio and television as tools. However, McLuhan took it a step further and included numbers, games, and money as tools in communication. For example, money allows people to travel and spread information.
  • There are many possibilities. New technological advances are happening every day. In terms of technological advances in communication, the Metaverse will be a new way for people to interact with people.
  • McLuhan’s Technological Determinism contradicts another popular theory, social construction of technology. Which theorizes that society itself shapes technological innovation.
  • While the theory was popular in the 1960s, had a resurgence in the 1990s, and still is throughout pop culture. However, it is no longer favored in academia.
  • Some may say technology determining societal shifts and cultural changes is a weakness. We shouldn’t depend upon our technology. When we depend too much on technology, it could hurt us in the long run. I’ve always heard that robots would be the downfall of society.
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